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 You have just entered Ford Country


Hi.... I'm Steve.

A little about myself.....  I've been married to the woman of my dreams "Sherry". She is a blessing from the Lord Above. I know this because of the way God smiled on us the day we where married 10/14/89.  ( When we where making the arrangements to get married, I told Sherry she could have anything she wanted. Getting married outside on her parents farm was her wish. The week before we got married it was in the low to mid 30's and rained every day. On the Friday before it was 70, sunny and mild. The day of the wedding it was 80 sunny and beautiful. Sunday was the same as Saturday and the following week was back to the 30's and rain). 

We have the most beautiful and loving daughter in the world, Ashlee. I also have 3 son's Damon, Josh and Nathan and 6 grandchildren.

You can check out the kids and grandkids on the kids page.


  I have a degree in computer programming and networking. I work at JWCC in the information services dept. I also enjoy several hobbies such as camping with my family  (click the camper), music (used to drum and sing with several bands), photography, and of course 4x4 trucks.

Below is our 94 Ford 250 extended cab that we pull several trailers with. 

( would any thing else do? "naaaaaaaa"!). 

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The Bronco Project


This is our 79 Ford Bronco.  





Below are pictures of the rebuild and the way it looked before the Illinois Dept. of Transportation said park it or loose it. They stated that it was too tall. At the time it had a 4 inch suspension 3 inch body lift with a set of 38 inch Mudders. Power came from a 351 Cobra Jet engine, 5:13 gears, and a locker in the rear, and a whole lot of other goodies.

 My Wife and I joke a lot about memorable incidents with it . Primarily this one.

One morning when she went to drive it, I told her how to start the engine (bad idea on my part LOL), she said "I know how to start it " then proceeded to smash the gas pedal to the floor  and hit the key......Oops she forgot to depress the clutch pedal. The result's ......the Bronco lunged forward resting the bumper on top of the trunk lid of our car. Thank goodness it wasn't in first gear or it might have put the front tires in the trunk. OH..Well, she said she wanted a new car... LOL.

Over the years we have done about everything there is to do with a 4x4. We've taken it to numerous shows, even won a few first and second places, mudded, hill climbed, pulled, had a snow plow on for several years. In fact the snow plow paid for the truck. As time allows I will post selected pictures of past events.

 We are currently doing a frame off restoration/customization. This is the 4th time we have made major modifications to the truck, this being the biggest. Some of the modifications include replacing the current lift with a new 4 inch Superlift  suspension lift , 39.5x15 Iroc's on 15x10 wheels, A 550+hp Big Block. with goodies such as a gear drive, Trick Flow heads and intake,  L&L Headers, and a whole lot more. The transmission is a custom built c-6 by  Bronco City using TCI Components and shift kit with a 2600speed stall converter . A Detroit locker in the 9in rear, loc-rite in the Dana 44 up front with 5:13 Richmond gears in both . The frame has been sand blasted and panted to match the body with key mount's accented in dark purple. All bushing were replaced with color matched polyurethane. Many other goodies have been or will go into our family toy.... I'm currently recovering from a 14month battle with cancer and hopefully soon  I will post pictures of the restoration and finished project

My Son Josh and Daughter Ashlee gave me 5 new wheels for my truck for Christmas




Josh gave me a complete transmission rebuild kit. Josh built this trans to handle the Big Block.



 The mural that will go on the tailgate.

Our toy and work and play

Custom fabricated body mounts

Specialy trussed 9in custom built spring perches 5:13 gears and Detroit Locker

Frame completed

Getting ready for body work

Custom built C-6 by Bronco City with a 2250 stall convertor all TCI parts capable of handliing the 466 with 500+ plus hp.


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Here are some pictures of  our  daughter Ashlee and the film crew from the Learning Channel, filming a  special  featuring Bigfoot the Monster Truck.    I've known Bob Chandler (owner of Bigfoot) for several years, and one day when we where at the store the film crew was there doing a shooting.  Bob asked me if they could film Ashlee (she was 4 at the time) play with a toy truck, showing how the Bigfoot truck appealed to all age groups . Bob gave her the remote control truck to take home. During this shooting one of Bob's crew drove the mini monster  under the Bigfoot truck with the 10 foot tires while it was being driven by Jim Kramer



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Some of my favorites


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